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Alumni BBQ Shindig

The department put on its first annual Alumni BBQ Shindig on Friday July 16, 2010. Of course, this was the hottest day of the year, but we still had a great turn out.

The Shindig brought out a wide range of alums; undergraduates, masters, and Ph.D. from all over. While most folks were from the San Diego area, alumni from Orange County, Arizona and Michigan also attended. Current faculty and staff were also in attendance, along with a few emeritus faculty. We also had a few students hanging out by the food table. I think we can all remember the “starving student” period.

Department Chair Stuart Aitken and Ph.D. Advisor Doug Stow were the grill masters for the event.
(Click the photos to enlarge)

Dr. Stuart Aitken standing in front of the Scripps Cottage outdoor grill Dr. Doug Stow handling cooking duties at the Scripps Cottage outdoor grill

There was much mingling by faculty, emeriti, alums and students.

BBQ participants under the Scripps Cottage patio trees with the grill area in the 
        background People lining up at the food table

Wider view of the Scripps Cottage patio and the folks there Conversation around the table with Dr Ernie Griffin

Group of current students sitting with various alum and 
        faculty Group of folks with the grassy bank leading up to the main campus in the background

Current faculty and emeriti were present

Drs. Ming Tsou and Piotr Jankowski Bonnie Golden, Dr. Doug Stow, and Emeritus Professor Dr Imre Quastler

Dr. John O’Leary and Emeritus Professor Dr. Richard 
        Wright Emeritus Professor Dr. Don Eidemiller and wife, and Dr. Ed Aguado

It was a time for Dr. Stow and CESAR Technical Manager Dave McKinsey to catch up with old friends

Dr. Stow with Kate Koczot and Andres Abeyta Dave McKinsey with Dave Van Mouwerik and Andres Abeyta

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