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News / Events : Archive : Thesis Presentations Fall 2009

Student presentations in fulfullment of the Masters Degree.

William Bredemeyer

Wednesday, December 9th
11:00am, SH 341

Neighborhood Environment, Access to Medical Care,
and the Self-Reported Health of Brazilian Immigrants

Marta Jankowska

Tuesday, December 1
1:00pm, SH 240

Neighborhoods of Health: Comparing Boundaries for Neighborhood
Effects on Self-Rated Health in Accra, Ghana

Melissa Rosa

Monday, November 23
2:00pm, NH 380

Mapping Fuels at the Wildland-Urban Interface for Wildfire Modeling
Using Color Ortho-Images and LiDAR Data

Grant Fraley

Monday, November 23
11:00am, NH 380

Integrating a Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm With a Geographic Analysis and Visualization System:
An Application to Hazard Management

Dean Daniels

Thursday, November 19
1:00pm, NH 380

Assessing the Utility of Satellite Imagery at Differing Spatial Resolutions
for Deriving Proxy Measures of Socio-economic and Slum Conditions in Accra, Ghana

William Anderson

Wednesday, November 18
2:00pm, NH 380

Korean Transnational Migration to Guatemala:
An Exploration of Maquila Connections, Social Exclusion and Urban Insecurity

Emily Powers Neder

Thursday, November 12
3:30pm, NH 380

Going Green: How Contemporary Society is Rethinking Green Space

Lynn Ford

Thursday, October 29th
3:00pm, NH 380

An Open Source Approach to Develop Web-Based Remote Sensing Tools
for Clementine Lunar Imagery Analysis and Visualization

Justin Shepard

Wednesday, October 21st
1:30pm, NH 390

Web-Based GIS Modeling in an Adaptive Management Framework:
A Case Study of the Carlsbad Habitat Management Plan

Emily Atkinson

Friday, August 7th
9:00am, NH 390

Linking Land Use and Policy in the Tijuana River Watershed

Magdalena Benza-Fiocca

Monday, August 3
1:00pm, NH 390

Family Structure and Fertility in Ghana: A Spatial Approach

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