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News / Events : Archive : Thesis Presentations Spring 2008

Student presentations in fulfullment of the Masters Degree.

Kimberly Dodson

Thursday, August 7
3:00pm, SH 248

Designing Web-based Mapping Tools for Transportation Decision Making:
A Case Study of Traffic Census in San Diego

Dimitris Polis

Thursday, May 22
11:00am, SH 337

The Spatial Identification of Sub-Regional Housing Segmentation:
The Case of Coronado, CA

Ryan Bart

Wednesday, May 21
11:00am, SH 337

Impact of Fire on Streamflow in Central California Shrubland Catchments

Charles Adler

Tuesday, May 20
1:00pm, SH 337

Designing an Informationally Supportive Three-Dimensional Web Mapping Application for Urban Planning:
A Case Study for Centre City Development Corporation (CCDC), a Redevelopment Agency

Rosanna Petralia

Monday, May 12
1:00pm, SH 346

Inner-City Voids, Street Peddlers, and Urban Myths:
Cultural Encounters in a Multi-Ethnic District of Catania, Sicily

Thomas Hauger

Monday, May 5
1:00pm, SH 149

Estimating the Number of Spatial Distribution of Muslims in the United States

Meredith Albert

Monday, April 29
2:00pm, AH 2116

Population Mobility and Sexually Transmitted Infections Among Women in Ghana

Philip Stephens

Monday, April 7
1:00pm, SH 149

Using Spatial Analysis to Assess the Distribution of Hubzones in California

Aude Esperbé

Monday, March 10
11:00am, SH 252

Towards High-Resolution Self-Organizing Maps of Geographic Features

Heather Davis

Friday, March 7
12:00 noon, SH 248

An Intra-Urban Analysis of Wealth Indicators in Amman Jordan:
A Basis for Estimating Ecological Footprints

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