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News / Events : Archive : Thesis Presentations Fall 2008

Student presentations in fulfullment of the Masters Degree.

Susan Whitford

Friday, December 19
3:30pm, SH 248

Patterns of Bat Species Richness and Activity:
A Monterey County Case Study

Adam Wagschal

Monday, November 3rd
4:00pm, SH 236

A Spatial Decision Support System
for the Collaborative Identification of Conservation Priorities

Greg Verutes

Wednesday, October 29
2:00pm, SH 341

Discourse Maps
A Usability and Evaluation Study of a Participatory Geographic Information System

Wyson (John) Pang

Tuesday, Oct. 21
11:00am, Hardy Tower 38

A Spatiotemporal Analysis of Ambient Fine Particulate Air Pollution
Using the Bayesian Maximum Entropy Model

Charles Schmidt

Monday, September 15
4:00pm, SH 339

Effects of Irregular Topology in Spherical Self-Organizing Maps

Ting-Hwan Lee

Thursday, August 14
3:00pm, SH 260

Visualizing Web-based Information Dissemination and Diffusion Patterns:
A Case Study for San Diego Wildfire 2003

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