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News / Events : Archive : Thesis Presentations Fall 2007

Student presentations in fulfullment of the Masters Degree.

Nathan Mendenhall

Tuesday, December 18
10:00am, SH 337

Apply User-Centered Design Method for the Development of Web-based Mapping Services:
Case Study with Biology and Environmental Planning

Philip Gibbons

Friday, December 7
2:30pm, SH 337

Determining Suitable Wildlife Crossing Locations Across a Southern California Interstate

Maribel Elias

Friday, November 16
11:00am, SH 243A

Educational Performance and Spatial Convergence in Peru

Steve Parker

Monday, November 5
3:00pm, Communications 206

Ephemeral Stream Erosion Control:
Modeling the Effects of Channel Revegetation at Torrey Pines State Park

Xuening Li

Friday, November 2
11:00am, SH 237

P-region Based Estimation of Disease Rates

Deborah Berlin

Monday, October 1
1:00pm, SH 337

The Sensitivity of Southern California Chaparral Net Ecosystem Productivity
to Climatic Forcing Change Under Enriched C02 Conditions

Caitlin Chason

Thursday, August 16
2:00pm, SH 337

Examining the Influence of Short-interval Fire Occurrence
on Post-fire Patterns in Chamise Chaparral

Nell Blodgett

Thursday, August 16
12:30pm, SH 337

Investigating the Relationship Between Post-Fire Remnant Vegetation,
Fire Behavior, and Fuel Age in Southern California Shrublands

Jung Eun Hong

Tuesday, August 14
3:00pm, SH 337

Integrating Real-time Mobile Geographic Information System
and Web-based Mapping Application for Campus Safety:
A Case Study at San Diego State University

Lauren Rizzo

Monday, August 13
1:00pm, SH 337

Comparative Urban Geography of San Diego Suburbs

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