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News / Events : Archive : Thesis Presentations Fall 2006

Student presentations in fulfullment of the Masters Degree.

Scott Valentine

Wednesday, October 4
4:00pm, SH 347

A Study of Hydrologic Response to the Restoration of Trout Creek,
Central Sierra Nevada, California

Jordan Decker

Tuesday, October 24
2:00pm, HH 150

Assessment of Simulated Streamflow Accuracy Using Gridded Rainfall Data
in a Lumped, Conceptual Model

Lauren Seaby

Thursday, November 16
3:30pm, SH 243A

Modeling the Eco-Hydrologic Response of Semiarid
Shrubland Watershed to Climate Change and Fire Disturbance

Anders Burvall

Wednesday, November 29
2:00pm, SH 341

River Yield in Relation to a Remotely Sensed Indicator of Biomass
in a South African Fynbos Catchment

Sarah Hinton

Friday, December 8
11:00am, SH 346

A Spatial Analysis of Ethnic Fertility in Accra, Ghana

Andy Gordon

Monday, December 11
1:00pm, SH 337

Accommodating Hypsometrically Tinted Maps for Color-Vision Impaired Map Readers

Kimberly Eckmann

Thursday, December 14
11:00am, SH 240

Food and the City: The Consumption of Lifestyle in Place

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