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News / Events : Colloquia Series Spring 2013

The colloquia series welcomes speakers from across the campus and the world to discuss their research.

All colloquia are scheduled at 3:30pm in GMCS 313 most Fridays during the semester unless otherwise noted.

Watershed Nation? Geography, Modernity and the
Solipsistic Foundations of Hungary's Hydrological Imagination

January 25

Dr. Steve Jobbitt
Assistant Professor of History
California State University, Fullerton

Sociogeographic Domains of Migrant Stress and Health

February 8

Dr. Enrico Marcelli
Associate Professor of Sociology
San Diego State University

Climate Variations and Changes in Monsoon Regions:
A Multiscaling Problem and an Interdisciplinary Perspective

February 15

Dr. Leila M. Vespoli de Carvalho
Associate Professor of Geography
University of California, Santa Barbara

Land-Use Change, Ecosystem Services,
and Local Livelihoods:Ecological and Socioeconomic Outcomes
of Payment for Ecosystem Services in Ecuadorian Paramo Grasslands

February 22

Dr. Leah Bremer
Research Associate
Stanford University

Developing High Performance GIS Simulation Models
on Geospatial Cyberinfrastructure: A Case Study of Population Change
Models with Grid Computing and Cloud Computing Technologies

March 1

Dr. Rick Kim
Department of Geography
National University of Singapore

Student Research Symposium

March 8

Feminicidio, Narcoviolence, Capitalism,
Impunity: The Feminist Fight on Mexico's Border

March 15

Dr. Melissa Wright
Professor of Geography and Women's Studies
Penn State

From GEOBIA to GEOBA? Object Based
(Image) Analysis for Integrating GIS and Earth Observation

March 22

Dr. Thomas Blaschke
Professor of Geography
University of Salzburg, Austria

Addressing the Uncertain Geographic
Context Problem in Geographic Research

April 19
Scripps Cottage 2:30 pm

Dr. Mei Po Kwan
Professor of Geography and Geographic Information Studies
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Photogrammetry and Image Processing:
History, Trends and Opportunities for Academia and Industry

April 26
SSW 1500 3:00 pm

Dr. Stewart Walker
Director, Product Initiatives at BAE Systems,
Incoming ASPRS President

Exploring Human Decision Making in the
Context of Web-Based Public Participation in Transportation Planning

May 10
Regal 3:30 pm

Dr. Martin Swobodzinski
Visiting Assistant Professor of Geography
University of Minnesota

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