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News / Events : Colloquia Series Spring 2012

The colloquia series welcomes speakers from across the campus and the world to discuss their research.

All colloquia are scheduled at 3:30pm in Storm Hall 337 most Fridays during the semester unless otherwise noted.

Hydrologic Gradients, Climatic Extremes,
and Surface Erosion in the Himalaya

January 27

Dr. Bodo Bookhagen
Associate Professor of Geography
University of California Santa Barbara

The Map is Not Which Territory?:
Understanding Social Phenomena
Through Geomapping Cyberspatial Semantics

February 10

Dr. Brian Spitzberg
Distinguished Professor of Communication
San Diego State University

Estimation of Vegetation Water Content from Remote Sensing:
A Potential MODIS/VIIRS Product

February 17

Dr. David Raiño
Center for Spatial Technologies and Remote Sensing
Department of Land, Air, and Water Resources
University of California Davis

Los Angeles and the Politics of Oil, Air and Flooding

March 16

Dr. Sarah Elkind
Associate Professor of History
San Diego State University

Spatial Patterns of Water Insecurity in a Developing City:
Lessons from Accra, Ghana

April 6
Physics 144

Justin Stoler
Doctoral Graduate
San Diego State University

Assessing Environmental Impacts
of Livestock Insurance Programs in East Africa

April 13
Student Services West 1500

Dr. Stephen DeGloria
Professor of Crop and Soil Sciences
Cornell University

Living with Difference:
Making Communities Out of Strangers
in an Era of Super Mobility and Super Diversity

April 27
West Commons 220

Dr. Gill Valentine
Professor of Geography
University of Leeds, UK

Time-sensitive Remote Sensing

May 4
Physics 144

Christopher Lippitt
Doctoral Graduate
San Diego State University

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