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News / Events : Archive : Colloquia Series Spring 2009

The colloquia series welcomes speakers from across the campus and the world to discuss their research.

All colloquia are scheduled at 3:30pm in Storm Hall 337 most Fridays during the semester unless otherwise noted.

Object-Oriented CART for Land Use/Land Cover Mapping
Using ADS40, Lidar, and Ancillary Data

January 30

Kass Green
American Society of Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry

Fog-ecosystem Interactions in the California Channel Islands

February 6

Dr. Christopher Still
Associate Professor of Geography
University of California, Santa Barbara

Participatory GIS and Online Delibreative Decision Support:
Reflections on a Field Experiment

February 13

Dr. Piotr Jankowski
Professor of Geography
San Diego State University

Unpaving Paradise:
Tools for Urban Sustainability and Health

February 20

Dr. Jennifer Wolch
Professor of Geography
University of Southern California

GIS Response to the 2007 San Diego Wildfires

February 27

Paul Hardwick
SDSURF Homeland Security

Peter Pan Will Not Live Here Anymore:
A Multi-Approach Study of the Relation Between Neighborhood Design and the Ability to Age in Place

March 6

Dr. Maurizio Antoninetti
Assistant Professor of City Planning
San Diego State University

GIScience and the Holocaust:
Spatial and Temporal Aspects of the Holocaust in Italy

March 13

Dr. Alberto Giordano
Associate Professor of Geography
Texas State University, San Marcos

“If it rains tomorrow I will...”
Theory of Complex Systems and Applications in Geography

March 20

Dr. Li An
Assistant Professor of Geography
San Diego State University

Murder Stories and the Hegemony of Individualism

April 10

Dr. Paul Kaplan
Assistant Professor, School of Public Affairs
San Diego State University

Memory, Trauma and Emotional Geography

April 17

Dr. Anh Hua
Assistant Professor of Women's Studies
San Diego State University

What in the world are we doing in Accra, Ghana?

April 24

Dr. John Weeks
Professor of Geography
San Diego State University

The Transnational Politics of Displacement in Northern Uganda

May 1

Dr. Adam Branch
Assistant Professor of Political Science
San Diego State University

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