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News / Events : Archive : Colloquia Series Fall 2006

The colloquia series welcomes speakers from across the campus and the world to discuss their research.

Language Politics and Policy in the United States:
Implications for the Immigration Debate

September 18,23:00pm
Storm Hall 248

Dr. April Linton
Assistant Professor of Sociology
University of California, San Diego

SADA: A Freeware Decision Support Tool Integrating GIS,
Sample Design, Saptial Modeling and Risk Assessment

Septmeber 22, 2:00pm
Storm Hall 337

Dr. Robert Stewart
Oak Ridge National Lab and University of Tennessee

Geopolitical Context and Urban Structure:
Trieste (Italy) and Rijeka (Croatia) Over Time

September 22, 3:30pm
Storm Hall 337

Dr. Florinda Klevisser
Department of Geographical and Historical Sciences
University of Trieste, Italy

Geo-Sensor Web

September 29, 4:00pm
Storm Hall 337

Dr. Ingo Simonis
Institute for Geoinformatics
University of Muenster, Germany

Continuous Time Random Walks and Delay Mechanisms
of Anomalous Diffusion in Heterogeneous Environments

October 6, 3:00pm
Storm Hall 337

Dr. Marco Dentz
Dept. of Geotechnical Engineering and Geophysics
Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), Barcelona, Spain

Local Statistics for Spatial Data Analysis: Inventory and Prospect

The Getis Lecture
October 13, 3:00pm
West Commons 220

Dr. Barry Boots
Department of Geography and Environmental Studies
Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

ANP-Fuzzy Pattern Recognition Approach
for Regional Cumulative Impact Assessments in Urban Watersheds

November 3, 3:00pm
Storm Hall 337

Dr. Luis Bojorquez-Tapia
Institute for Computational Earth System Science
University of California, Santa Barbara

Signature Extension Through Space and Time:
What is Possible Using Landsat Data?

November 17, 3:00pm
Storm Hall 337

Dr. John Rogan
Graduate School of Geography
Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts

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