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Geography Loses One of the World’s Top Urban Thinkers

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Professor Larry Ford on Sept 17, 2009.

A 2009 Planetizen poll amongst architects and planners ranked Larry amongst the world’s top 100 urban thinkers along with other notables such as Frederick Law Olmstead, William H. Whyte and Thomas Jefferson. Within the disciplines of geography, urban planning, anthropology and sociology, Larry was well know for his conceptual models of urban structure, many of which were developed over thirty years ago and still appear in today’s introductory text books. Larry authored six books, including the influential Cities and Buildings, as well as more than 100 journal articles and other publications. Recently, he published an acclaimed book on San Diego neighborhoods.

Over his career, all of which was spent at SDSU, Larry received numerous awards for his teaching, writing and service. In addition to his academic accomplishments, Larry’s sense of humor and his famous puns endeared him to hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students.

Part of the upcoming meetings of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers in San Diego will be used as a celebration of Larry’s life. Please get in touch with Stuart Aitken for details.

Larry Ford’s passing is a huge loss to geography and to SDSU.

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