Chair’s Message

Piotr JankowskiWelcome to Geography at San Diego State University - I am glad you looked us up. The Department of Geography takes a transdisciplinary approach to understand and develop innovative solutions to our world’s most pressing environmental, social and technological challenges. We use critical theory, quantitative analysis, and cutting-edge technologies to draw connections between local outcomes and global forces, such a climate change, water resources, disease, globalization, resource depletion, inequality, youth and migration. We teach our students to apply spatiotemporal thinking and geo-spatial technologies to conduct policy-relevant research, and find sustainable solutions to social and environmental problems, both locally and globally.

Through our classes and programs, we aim to provide students with the knowledge, critical thinking skills, and techniques required to understand complex global and local interdependencies between people, places and environments. Geography students master theories and practices in physical sciences, social sciences and humanities. Our students not only develop abilities to conduct research, analyze evidence, and communicate clearly, but they also learn how to develop solutions to real world problems using an integrative approach. We see learning about the dynamics of human-environment systems as particularly relevant now and in the future.

Geographers are at the forefront of developing methods and techniques for solving problems at various scales from local to global. They are sought after by employers for their integrative skills allowing to critically evaluate social and natural systems, make connections between human activities and environmental processes, and make sense out of vast data sets. This is an exciting time to be a geographer.

Piotr Jankowski, Department Chair