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Courses : Syllabi

The following syllabi are general in nature and aim to give students an overview of each class. The details are subject to change.

A course may be taught by more than one professor. Please choose the professor teaching the section you wish to enroll.

Geography 101, Principles of Physical Geography

Geography 102, Principles of Cultural Geography

Geography 103, Weather and Climate

Geography 104, Geographic Information Science and Spatial Reasoning

Geography 312, Culture Worlds

Geography 321, Geography of the United States

Geography 353, Location of Economic Activity

Geography 354, Geography of Cities

Geography 381, Computerized Map Design

Geography 385, Spatial Data Analysis

Geography 426, Regional Field Studies

Geography 483, Watershed Analysis

Geography 484, An Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

Geography 506, Landscape Ecology

Geography 507, Geography of Natural Vegetation

Geography 509, Regional Climatology

Geography 572, Land Use Analysis

Geography 573, Population and Environment

Geography 574, Water Resources

Geography 575, Geography of Recreational Land Use

Geography 583, Internet Mapping and Distributed GIServices

Geography 584, Methods and Applications of GIS

Geography 585, Quantitative Methods in Geographic Research

Geography 589, Spatial (GIS) Decision Support Methods

Geography 596, Advanced Topics in Geography

Geography 683, Advanced Concepts in Geographic Information Systems

Geography 701, Seminar in Development of Geographic Thought

Geography 710, Seminar in Physical Geography

Geography 760, Seminar in Behavioral and Social Geography

Geography 780, Seminar in Techniques of Spatial Analysis

The statements found on this page/site are for informational purposes only. While every effort is made to ensure that this information is up to date and accurate, official information can be found in the university publications.