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Courses : Projected Courses

Number Description Spring12 Fall12 Spring13 Fall13
101 Earths Physical Environment Yes Yes Yes Yes
101L Physical Environment Lab Yes Yes Yes Yes
102 People, Places, and Environment Yes Yes No Yes
103 Weather and Climate Yes Yes Yes No
104 Geog Information Science Yes Yes Yes Yes
106 World Regional Geography Yes Yes Yes Yes
303 Severe Weather No Yes No Yes
312 Culture Worlds Yes Yes Yes Yes
320 California Geography No Yes No Yes
321 United States Yes Yes Yes Yes
324 South America Yes Yes Yes Yes
340 Geography of Food No Yes No Yes
353 Location Econ Activity No No Yes No
354 Geography of Cities Yes Yes Yes Yes
370 Environ & Nat Res Conserv Yes Yes Yes Yes
375 Environ Hydrology No No Yes No
380 Map Investigation Yes No No No
381 Computerized Map Design Yes Yes Yes Yes
385 Spatial Data Analysis Yes No Yes No
395 Intro to Geography No Yes No Yes
401 Geomorphology Yes No Yes No
409 Global Climate Change No Yes No Yes
426 Regional Field Studies Yes No Yes No
483 Watershed Analysis No No No No
484 Geographic Info Systems Yes Yes Yes Yes
495 Geography Capstone Yes No Yes No
496 Selected Studies in Geography Yes Yes Yes Yes
498 Senior Thesis Yes Yes Yes Yes
499 Special Study Yes Yes Yes Yes
505 Fluvial Geomorphology No No No Yes
506 Landscape Ecology Yes No Yes No
507 Geog of Natural Vegetation No Yes No Yes
508 Environ Climatology No No No No
509 Regional Climatology No No Yes No
511 Hydrology/Global Environ Change Yes No Yes No
554 World Cities No Yes No Yes
556 Culture of Cities Yes No Yes No
559 Political Economy of Cities No No No No
570 Environ Resource Conserv Yes No Yes No
572 Land Use Analysis No Yes No Yes
573 Population and Environ No Yes No Yes
574 Water Resources No Yes No Yes
575 Geog of Rec Land Use Yes No Yes No
581 Cartographic Design No Yes No Yes
583 Internet Mapping/Dist GIServ Yes No Yes No
584 Geog Info Systems Applic Yes No Yes No
585 Quan Meth Geog Research No Yes No Yes
586 Qualitative Methods No Yes No Yes
587 Remote Sensing of Environ No Yes No Yes
588 Int Rem Sens of Environ Yes No Yes No
589 GIS Dec Support Methods No Yes No Yes
595 Geographic Internship Yes Yes Yes Yes
596 Adv Topics in Geography Yes Yes Yes Yes
670 Environ & Nat Res Conserv No No No No
683 Adv Geog Info Systems No Yes No Yes
683L Adv Geog Info Systems Lab No Yes No Yes
685 Adv Quantitative Meth No No Yes No
688 Adv Remote Sensing Yes No No No
688L Adv Remote Sensing Lab Yes No No No
696 Adv Topics in Geography No No No No
700 Sem: Geog Research Design Yes No Yes No
701 Sem: Geog Research Design No Yes No Yes
710 Sem: Physical Geography Yes No No No
740 Sem: Human Geography Yes Yes Yes Yes
760 Sem: Behavioral and Social Geog Yes No Yes Yes
770 Sem: Env & Resource Cons. No No No No
780 Sem: Techniques of Sp. Analysis Yes Yes Yes Yes
797 Research Yes Yes Yes Yes
798 Special Study Yes Yes Yes Yes
799A Thesis Yes Yes Yes Yes
799B Thesis Extension Yes Yes Yes Yes
890 PhD Exams Yes Yes Yes Yes
897 Doctoral Research Yes Yes Yes Yes
899 Doctoral Dissertation Yes Yes Yes Yes

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