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Geography 321 Geography of the United States


Sean M. Crotty, Ph.D. Candidate

Course Description

Welcome! This is an upper-division G.E. course on the geography of the United States. We will be taking a regional approach in this course, examining particular “regions” of the country. Over the course of the semester we will critically explore a variety physical, social, economic, political, and cultural forces operating on places, spaces, people, communities, and landscapes that make up the United States. In conjunction with lectures, course material will be covered through readings, research paper, in class and take home quizzes (readings and maps), movies, and guest lecturers. I hope this will be an interesting and rewarding class for each of you.




Your grade in this course will be based on the following elements:

DEADLINES ARE FINAL. Only under serious circumstances with instructor approval, will makeup or late assignments be accepted. Please come and talk to me during my office hours if any problems arise that would prevent you from attending class and/or completing the assignments.

Books and Materials

Required Texts

Required Supplies

Weekly Topics

Week Topic
Week One Intro to class
Week Two Key Concepts of Geography
Intro to Physical Geography of the United States
Week Three Historical Settlement of the United States
Native Americans
U.S. Political Economy
Week Four The United States and the Frontier Mentality
Urban Geography and City Structure in the United States
Week Five Megalopolis
Midterm One
Week Six The Atlantic Periphery
The Great Lakes and Corn Belt
Week Seven The Great Plains
The Rocky Mountains
Week Eight The Intermontane West
The Pacific Northwest
Week Nine The Southeast
Week Ten To be determined
Week Eleven Midterm Two
Week Twelve Mex-America and the Southwest
Movie: Farmingville and Discussion
Week Thirteen San Diego’s Hispanic Immigrants & Day Labor Landscapes
CaliforniaEcosystem structure and function
Week Fourteen California Waterways and Environmental Politics
The Future of North America
Week Fifteen To be determined
Review for Final Exam

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