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San Diego State University's principal focus of GIS research and education is in the Department of Geography, but GIS resources are also found in the Departments of Biology, Geological Sciences, Physics, and Public Administration and Urban Planning. The multi-disciplinary nature of GIScience at SDSU is demonstrated in several ways.

First, within the Department of Geography, specialists in GIS, remote sensing, cartography, and spatial statistics work with department colleagues in the areas of biogeography, geomorphology, demography, urban geography, cultural geography, and regional science on applied research projects.

Second, GIScientists within geography are team members on many interdisciplinary research projects involving specialists from such disciplines as biology, ecology, geology, economics, public administration, urban planning, Mexican-American Studies, civil engineering, and public and environmental health.

Third, the Departments of Computer Science and Geography offer a highly successful certificate program in GIScience.

Fourth, the department of Geography offers service courses in GIS to the staff and faculty of the university on a regular basis.

Fifth, several departments, such as geology, public health, civil engineering, and ecology offer special topics courses on GIScience and employ GIScience tools in their research, although they do not have substantial GIS programs.

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