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About : Message from the Chair

Welcome to Geography at San Diego State University—I am glad you looked us up. This is an exciting time to study Geography. Do you know that important phenomena such as climate change, poverty, virtual societies, natural hazards, spread of infectious diseases and many others are research subjects of Geography? Geographers are at the forefront of developing methods and techniques for solving problems at various scales; from neighborhoods to the entire earth. They are sought after for their integrative skills that allow them to critically evaluate social and natural systems, make connections between human activities and environmental processes, and rigorously analyze vast data sets about the changing face of the planet and consequences of the human footprint.

The geography department at SDSU is a leader in many areas of research that seek a better understanding and development of sustainable solutions to problems at the interface of human and environmental systems. The department offers study programs across the spectrum of academic degrees from a top-ranked national PhD program and MS/MA programs, to undergraduate programs representing human, physical, environmental, and technical concentration areas. Students have opportunities to participate in basic and applied research, and to study abroad through exchange programs.

I am excited about a recent SDSU initiative promoting research clusters of excellence, in which a prominent role is played by Geography. The department is an active participant in two out of four clusters: Human Dynamics in the Mobile Age, and Climate and Sustainability Studies. As a result, we will hire two new faculty members specializing in big data analytics and in climate modeling. The new faculty members will broaden two of the department’s concentration areas: Geographic Information Science and Physical Geography, teach state-of-the art courses, and create new opportunities for student research experience.

The department offers high quality undergraduate and graduate degree programs and its faculty members carry out nationally and internationally recognized research. Whether you are interested in studying in one of our programs or just curious what modern Geography is all about I invite you to stop by the department. I bet you will be positively surprised by what you find. I look forward to hearing from you.

Piotr Jankowski, Chair

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