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Natural Resources and Environmental Geography

Natural Resources and Environmental Geography provides understanding of the human influence on the environment and use of natural resources. Students learn how humans have impacted or altered the environment, but, more importantly, the solutions available for managing resources in a sustainable manner. Environmental policy and sound science are emphasized, and relevant issues, ranging from water supply and quality to global warming, are analyzed.

Management and planning of natural resources has become a critical part of local, regional, state and federal land use activities. Students studying within this area 1) learn how to analyze environmental and resource use and impacts, using sound science, 2) learn the policies and programs that occur in different governmental levels to address these issues, and 3) learn the technologies available to synthesize and present data and conclusions. These students are prepared to find careers in land use decision-making, natural resource and environmental management, including public and private agencies throughout the U.S.


Environmental Geography Research

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